What you need is BIG INSIGHTS!

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Its the era of BIG DATA!. Organizations have access to volumes of data trickling from all angles. It goes without saying therefore that we should no longer be emphasizing on big data per se but rather seek BIG INSIGHTS from the data.

It has been said that in 2016 we’ll need more data scientists than before, with HBR referring to this being the ‘sexiest’ job. Don’t get lost or assume you are not one! My understanding is that a ‘data scientist is anyone that leverages on analytics to make data-driven business decisions’ which probably you are doing! Data Scientists help the business unearth the BIG INSIGHTS wrapped in the organization data, whether at enterprise level or departmental. So, how are you delivering the insights?
You need an appealing, interactive dashboard that articulately gives you the insights you need to make a decision. There are numerous platforms (Gartner Report) upon which these can be delivered. Traditionally, this has been the reserve of the IT department. This has however reached the tipping point with the uptake of business user-centric self-service BI.

Would it not be great to have your insights delivered on an already familiar platform? MS Excel (via Power Pivot) has great potential to do analytics and present them on dashboards using Excel itself, Power View or Power BI Desktop or on cloud. With Power BI, you can connect to virtually any data source and generate ad hoc reports in a minute!

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I am a numbers enthusiast who helps working professionals to work efficiently in MS Excel and MS Power BI. I've trained thousands of corporate professionals across Kenya. I've a degree in Applied Statistics with Computing and a certificate in Data Visualization with Power BI

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