Gain visibility into business performance in 50% less time

Our products save working professionals loads of time every month by ensuring you have the analytical skills (training) and reporting solutions that you need to process and analyze your business data into insightful analytics that drive business growth

  • Are you looking for ways you can work faster in Excel?
  • Are you tired of long nights at month-end reporting? Better still, would you want to spend more time with family or holiday?
  • Would you want to create stunningly designed, visually appealing business reports and dashboards?
  • Do you want to advance your analytics career and learn things that will make you look credible before your seniors?

If any of the above resonates with you, keep reading because this website is focused on addressing these needs.


Creating meaningful reports in Excel is work. Truth be told -not many are well prepared to handle reporting using Excel. You will therefore find a person spending 80% of their time prepping and analyzing data, whereas 20% is spent generating insights. This shouldn’t be the case!

At DCA, we have experienced firsthand the pains of a working professional and hence all our programs are developed to change the way you work with Excel. Having gone through our programs,

  • You will cut down the time spent generating reports by half, or more!
  • Your boss will want to rely on your reports for decision making.
  • As an analyst and business advisor/partner, you will focus on what matters -deriving insights.
  • ROI -We shall make your investment into our services count! If you have been disappointed in the past by briefcase consultants, we guarantee you -your budget won’t be wasted.