Creating Interactive Charts in Excel Using Dropdown Lists

Creating Interactive Charts in Excel Using Dropdown Lists Charts are very central when it comes to communicating information. Whether you’re doing it in MS Excel, Power BI or Tableau, the principles are the same. Interactive charts are a common feature [...]

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Using Excel Power Query to Unpivot Data [Extremely Easy That It Will Shock You]

Most times when data is organized in Excel, it is done in a report format (cross tabulation) since it is easy to understand. Working with this format for further analysis can be an uphill task. It is therefore paramount for [...]

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4 ways to calculate the duration between two dates

In any working environment, there are various instances where you would be required to calculate the duration between two dates. A human resource officer would need to know how long a given employee has worked with the company or the [...]

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8 cool ways to identify and remove duplicates in Excel

When working with data in Excel, it is very likely you will encounter duplication. How do you deal with duplicates in Excel? Dealing with duplicates in Excel is 2-stage process –first identify if you have duplicates, and secondly remove the [...]

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Using Excel Macros to Combine Multiple Sheets

Using Excel macros to combine multiple sheets is one of the ways to greatly enhance productivity by automating and speeding up the process, especially where the number of worksheets are many. If you have not gone through the various approaches, follow these links: [...]

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Using Shapes for Stylish Excel Dashboards

One of the key skills that will set you apart as an analyst is the ability to provide management with a distilled view of the key company numbers, with the ability to have multiple views in interactive Excel Dashboards. Surprisingly, using [...]

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