How to Combine Data from Multiple Worksheets into One Master Worksheet

  • combine Multiple Worksheets Using Excel Macros

One of the common headaches I have come across in the course of my career as a Trainer in Excel Dashboards is the question of how to combine data from multiple worksheets into one master worksheet, so that you can analyze smartly.

Many general users of Excel retire to the time consuming method of copy and pasting, which works, if you have few worksheets. It doesn’t have to be that way! Learn at least 3 ways at your disposal to combine multiple worksheets into a consolidated position. Continue reading “How to Combine Data from Multiple Worksheets into One Master Worksheet”

What you need is BIG INSIGHTS!

You need an appealing, interactive dashboard that articulately gives you the insights you need to make a decision.

Its theĀ era of BIG DATA!. Organizations have access to volumes of data trickling from all angles. It goes without saying therefore that we should no longer be emphasizing on big data per se but rather seek BIG INSIGHTS from the data.

Continue reading “What you need is BIG INSIGHTS!”