Hands-on Advanced Excel Master Class [Master Data Analysis in Excel]

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In today’s workplace, knowing your way in Excel is the NUMBER ONE skill that everyone needs to have.


Do you REALLY KNOW Excel? Are you using it as a calculator thus wasting your valuable time?

This course is the turning point! Get ready to say “I didn’t know Excel could do that!”

This course teaches you HAND-PICKED concepts (with so many buttons, you could be overwhelmed!) on the quickest ways [read formulas] to do any given task. There are ‘good to know’ formulas but will focus on those that drive results immediately!

This course is structured with ample work-place exercises.

This is your opportunity to break away from the pack of people who struggle working for Excel –rather, make Excel work for you!

Who this course is not for:

Newbies in Excel are encouraged to enroll for our Excel Fundamentals class. If you are not a beginner but your role is not data intensive, you may need to enroll for our Intermediate Excel class.

This course is a blend of our Intermediate and Advanced Excel modules. As such, you need to have worked with basic charts in Excel, lists management using sorting, filtering and freezing panes, basic functions such as SUM, MAX, IF, and AVERAGE. You also need to be comfortable with locking of cells using the $ sign.

What do you get?

Excel Master Class Course Content

  • Build robust formulas using F4 and $ sign
  • QAT & Key shortcuts
  • Quickest way to populate blank cells
  • Formatting concepts –format painter, Excel tables
  • Creating drop down lists and named ranges
  • 5+ methods to identify and remove duplicates from your data
  • Segment/Group your data using Nested IF function
  • Join data-sets from multiple sources in seconds with VLOOKUP and MATCH functions. We also look at VLOOKUP errors and how to fix them
  • Advanced lookups using INDEX + MATCH combinations
  • Sanitize your data extracts using DATE and TEXT functions, e.g. dates formatted as text into proper dates
  • Compare two lists of data -3 methodologies
  • Functions to automate tedious and time-consuming analytics tasks
    • Troubleshoot errors using IFERROR
  • Creating a drop down in Excel
  • Enhancing readability with named ranges; expandable named ranges with Excel tables
  • The ins and outs of Pivot Tables
    • Creating your first pivot report
    • Grouping values, e.g. dates into quarters
    • Adding charts and interactive slicers -including connecting one slicer to multiple reports/charts
    • Computing year-on-year changes, display as percentages
    • Leveraging on slicers and charts to create a typical Excel dashboards
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis using data tables
  • Creating professional charts
    • Rationale of chart selection; Charts dos and don’ts
    • Combination / dual-axis charts
    • Customize the look and feel of your charts
    • Adjusting axis -display in millions, billions etc.
    • Creating KPI progress bar charts, ring charts
    • Automatically colour negative and positive variances in charts
    • Make charts dynamic using drop downs and option buttons
  • Draw attention with conditional formatting
    • Variance analysis using icon sets -up/down arrows, performance status with traffic lights
    • Data bars for in-cell charts
    • Using formulas -highlight an entire row based on a condition

Why should you invest in this course?

master data analysis with this Excel Master Class

We want you to achieve more for less! This is our promise to you:

  • Save countless hours. Spend less time in reporting, shorten the long nights of month-end reporting. Free your time for things and people that matter.

  • Accelerate your career growth with in-demand data analysis and reporting skills

  • Get better at your job. Create better reports. Increase you credibility to your boss and colleagues

  • Verifiable results. Practical sessions. Get value for what you pay for! If you’ve been disappointed before, this course will change that.

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This is one of those courses you invest to ultimately save! Yes, you save yourself time, money and end-month long-night frustrations.

Don’t look back. Click here to register or inquire more. The Excel Master Class goes for 3 days at KES 36,600 32,900 (VAT Inclusive).

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  • Laptop with MS Office 2010 or 2013 or (preferably) 2016
  • Tea, lunch and parking will be provided
  • Pay at least 1 week before event date
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