Are you a beginner in Excel? Do you find yourself applying a lot of manual and tedious processes to generate simple reports? This course is designed for you. It will introduce you to basic Excel functions and charts and expose you to various ways to manipulate lists of data. And what more, you will learn some speed boosters!

In this module you will learn:

  1. How to build robust formulas using the dollar sign
  2. Basic functions to create basic reports
  3. Basic charts and how to format them professionally
  4. How to manipulate dates in Excel
  5. Common data manipulation techniques

No prior knowledge is assumed for this course. The learner is however assumed to be involved in reporting but not so intensively.

  • Flexible formulas require to be locked. Learn the various ways of cell referencing and the shortcut
  • Some key functions to generate summaries–SUM, COUNT, IF, ROUND
  • Find the highest and least values from a list –MAX, MIN
  • Rank items in a list, e.g. rank performance of various sales agents using RANK.EQ
  • Understanding the Subtotal feature for summarizing data
  • Starting with the story in your data, how do you select the right chart for your message?
  • Creating and formatting/customizing your chart to make it more effective
  • Charts best practices
  • Given a date such as the order date, how do you create a report based on months, quarters, weeks, etc.? Learn functions such as TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, TEXT
  • Generate helper columns for reporting -Text-to-Columns feature, CONCATENATE, Flash Fill feature
  • Customizing the ribbon to quickly access common tasks/commands
  • Common features –freeze panes to keep track of the column headings, find and replace, sort and filter, remove duplicates from a list
  • Formatting options in Excel – accessing and using the Format Cells dialog box, the format painter, working with Excel Tables, etc.

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