Meet the MS Excel & Power BI Enthusiast

Hi, I’m William Kiarie.

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Over the past 7 years, I’ve empowered thousands of employees from various organizations with both Dashboard Reporting in Excel and Advanced Excel skills resulting into a rewarding warm feedback with respect to significant amount of time saved while generating management reports.

I’ve made it my mission to avail to you the techniques that will make you splendid and smart while utilizing Microsoft Excel and Power BI in reporting. No more having to leave work late generating reports!

Brands that have benefited from my expertise: Safaricom, PwC, Unilever, Airtel, GM (Kenya), Pernod Ricard, Toyota Kenya, Chai Trading, Gulf Energy, Base Titanium, Tullow Oil, NIC Bank among many.

This is about you taking charge of your report production process!

In this website/blog, you will find useful answers on how to:

  • prep and model using Advanced Excel formulas,
  • analyze and present insights using compelling visuals (creating Management Dashboards in MS Excel and Power BI)

If you cannot get an answer from this blog send me a direct message on Twitter (@BillWilliamsK). I will definitely respond! You can also submit your questions here.

How Can I Help?

If you have come this far, you must be an Excel user. In fact almost all management reports are prepared using this tool. And I like it because of its flexibility in laying out reports the way managers want. BUT I reckon this can be a headache for those with meager skills. You can benefit from my skills in the following ways:

Training in Advanced Excel & Dashboards

I will show you real business scenarios that will allow you to apply the formulas in your work scenario. And what more, I can integrate your actual files during the training! The results? Save loads of time spent generating reports, reduce delays caused by staff dependencies, generate reports management feel comfortable looking at!

Implementing Dashboard Solutions

Do you have data but you do not the Excel skills needed to create a report? Do you want to automate a certain task using Excel macros? Do you want a dashboard where you just paste your raw data and click refresh, and your reports are ready? Or may be you want dashboards that you can share online! I can help you create these reports and dashboards both in MS Excel and MS Power BI.

Where Do You Start?

One common question I get is: “How long would it take me to master MS Excel like you?

Well, it is a combination of factors! The most effective is to attend a training with a subject matter expert.

Start your journey to hone your Excel skills with this simple trick that will definitely compress filling blanks in Excel from a 4-hours activity to 1 minute!

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