Save time with dynamic Excel dashboards

BUILD ONCE -Create scalable, quick to update, dynamic and features-rich Excel dashboards. You will only need to paste your incremental/new data set and the dashboard visuals update on the fly. NO RE-WORK needed!

Do your reports involve lots of re-work and take long to update? Do you waste valuable time digging for insights from piles of data in multiple worksheets? This book focuses on the typical process an analyst in any given organization would follow to create dashboards that can be used for management decisions.

You will get hands-on on:

  • creating dashboards that make decision-making process faster

  • making data come to life with eye-catching visuals

  • making your dashboard reports fully interactive for users to see different angles of the same truth

  • leveraging on advanced Pivot Table features -display as percents, calculate YoY growth rates, group dates into quarters, etc.

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