Give your data a voice! Learn to create dynamic Excel dashboards that give better visibility of your business data!

We’ll teach you the secrets that separate the analysis experts from the people with academic knowledge Excel. It is the level self-knowledge will not get you to. It is one thing to know the different tools in Excel and it is another completely different thing to know how to expertly mix them together to creatively deliver value at high speed.

Do you have some raw data that you want to summarize into a single pager report? How do you bring your data to life and take it from a boring confusing mass of dull numbers to an interactive exciting visualization? You have to come to get the answers.

We’ll cover the following key areas:

  1. Getting your data ready
  2. Transforming data into decision tools / KPIs
  3. Dashboard considerations
  4. Building an interactive interface
  5. Creating impact with visual presentation of insights

We believe in effective training and tangible results, hence, if you are a beginner, or even a regular user of Excel but are not familiar with VLOOKUP, basic charts and Pivot tables, this course is not for you. This is because building proper interactive dashboards in Excel, requires some Intermediate Excel skills.

We like being honest -dashboard courses labelled for “all levels” end up being (as you already know) a frustration as you will end up just covering the basics!

  • Retrieving external data
  • Data cleansing procedures –fill blanks, cleaning duplicates, creating auxiliary columns to segment data
  • How to deal with dates in your Excel dashboard using the TEXT, YEAR, MONTH, TODAY
  • Working with linked shapes for stylish dashboards
  • Pasting picture links and use of the Camera tool
  • Special charts –Gauge, Waterfall, Bullet charts
  • The REPT function for in-cell charts
  • Creating miniature charts suitable for dashboards
  • Showing trends using Sparklines
  • Make important data to stand out using conditional formatting –traffic lights, positive and negative indicators
  • Using the camera tool and/or linked pictures
  • Create scrolling charts to present a long list of information
  • Decision-making functions: IF, CHOOSE
  • Conditional aggregation functions: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS
  • Showing top/bottom performers using LARGE, SMALL, IF, RANK.EQ
  • Advanced pivot charts techniques -the applications
  • The proximity principle
  • User requirement analysis
  • Dashboard final touches, e.g. making slicers static, disabling resize on charts and other shapes, freezing to disable scrolling
  • Transferring your analytics into your dashboard
  • Drop down lists
  • Applications of Form and/or ActiveX controls (option buttons, combo boxes) and linking these to charts or key metrics
  • Leveraging on slicers –connect to multiple reports and customize their look to brand them
  • Self-adjusting named ranges

13mar(mar 13)8:30 am15(mar 15)4:00 pmExecutive Excel DashboardsExcel Tools to Build Interactive Excel Dashboards Ground Up8:30 am - 4:00 pm (15) The Heron Portico Hotel, Nairobi

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What you get:

  • 18 hours practical sessions

  • A step-by-step guide

  • After-course instructor support

  • Certificate of participation

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